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Improvements of waterways

Improvements of waterways

The aim of the agreement on improving the rivers and streams of Fyn under the auspices of Sea trout Fyn is to re-establish (sea-) trout populations in the streams of Fyn.

Every municipality on the island contributes to a joint fund. That money is then allocated to river and stream improvement projects independently of Fyn's municipal borders.

See a map of Fyn rivers and streams

More and more sea trout migrate up the rivers and streams of Fyn to spawn, the trout population is now higher in the streams than it was 15 years ago, and more and larger sea trout have been caught along the coasts in recent years.


The seatrout population has now increased on its own. Since 1990, Seatrout Fyn has worked to increase the seatrout population on the island with the help of large-scale stocking efforts and by improving access to river entries.
The results indicate that these long-term activities are fruitful. Since 1990, more than 500 kilometres of rivers and streams were opened for the sea trout's migration route, and 25 streams on Fyn are now home to sea trout populations. The project has also improved the possibilities for and knowledge of inshore fishing and has helped attract even more active sea trout fishermen
- all under the name "Sea trout Fyn".

Creating good conditions

These combined efforts have created the conditions for the excellent sea trout fishing we now see along our coasts. But there is still much more to do. Many of the rivers and streams are still partially blocked for sea trout entry. The plan is to build fish passages leading up to the good spawning areas in upland rivers and streams. In many places, the spawning gravel is being removed as part of the maintenance of the river or stream, and new gravel added. Many rivers and streams have also degraded into straight channels and need to be given a more natural flow.
We will continue to work on these activities in coming years. The ultimate goal is make the chances of catching a fish dependent on your skill and passion for fishing. Our ambition is for Fyn and the other islands to be home to large populations of sea trout that spawn and mature in the rivers and streams of Fyn and along the coasts. This forms the basis for Fyn as Europe's leading destination for inshore fishing
for sea trout.