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Niklas Albrechtsen


Niklas is a certified fishing guide through Havørred Fyn – Fishing Zealand – Aktiv Danmark and Danish Sports Fishermen’s Association (Danmarks Sportsfisker Forbund). He has held countless sea trout courses on Funen for more than 20 years in order to develop the individual fisherman to be faster and more successful with his coastal fishing for sea trout.

Funen and the islands have the most perfect fishing spots, and with the right knowledge of the movement of sea trout throughout the year around the coasts, you will catch sea trout more often and save valuable fishing time. Niklas has taught many hundreds of anglers and foreign sea trout fishermen the special way to read the coast, so you spend far less fishing time finding the sea trout. It all comes down to finding the places where 80% of the sea trout will be located and spend less time on the sites that do not hold sea trout.

With the right knowledge, you can quickly see where the coast you should spend your time and where you should not waste your time! It’s called – Your shortcut to faster and more successful sea trout fishing wherever you fish after sea trout with spin or fly.

Niklas runs his own Guide company, where you can book casting courses – sea trout courses – lectures and guided tours through the company “Seatrout Guide Fyn”. He can guide all over Fyn and the Islands and when he is not guiding, you can find him in Go-Fishing in Odense.

According to Niklas, the most important factors for a successful fishing trip are to have control over the movements of the sea trout in relation to the time of year and how the weather affects exactly the day or period you must fish on a particular one locality.

As a fishing guide, the ultimate goal is to have your own fishing lodge where customers can be pampered to the maximum. Niklas opened this one with 2 other fishing guides in 2020 and it is called “Fishing Lodge Fyn” and is in Southeast Fyn (see link). You must book Niklas if you want to be sure to learn a lot about the movement of sea trout and how to be more successful on your own on subsequent fishing trips.


Seatrout Guide Funen


Fishing Lodge Funen