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Niklas Albrechtsen


Niklas is a certified fishing guide through DSF, and that is a guarantee for high quality guiding!

Niklas has almost 30 years of experience with sea trout fishing. Besides guiding he works in the local tackleshop, Go-fishing. This ad up to a big sea trout fishing knowledge.

He owns the local guiding company “Seatrout Guide Funen” where you can buy fishing-courses and book a guide for fishing. He is also co-owner of “Fishing Lodge Funen”.

On a guiding day, Niklas will give you a bunch of information, about where to go fishing in the current period. He will also, if needed, teach you to read the coastline, and how you’ll catch more fish than other fishermen.

He will help you, if needed, planning your fishing days during your stay. This is especially with weather conditions and season in mind. Everything that can affect the fishing positively and negatively are considered during the planning.

You can book Niklas as a casting instructor with fly, lectures about sea trout fishing, and the popular sea trout courses he has on his webpage

Book Niklas as your guide, if you want the best chance to catch silvery sea trout from Funen.


Seatrout Guide Funen



Fishing Lodge Funen