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Map / Special fishing rules apply in Odense Inderfjord

Special fishing rules apply in Odense Inderfjord

Odense Fjord is a veritable magnet for thousands of sea trout making their way each year up into the streams of Fyn to spawn and then return to the sea once the honeymoon is over. It used to be completely legal for commercial and semi­professional fishermen to place kilometres of nets in the inlet, turning the sea trout’s migrations to and from the rivers into a real obstacle course. That is in the past now.  New rules – Odense Fjord Conservation – from 2014 have given the sea trout a special status in Odense Fjord.  Accordingly, the inner section of Odense Fjord, the Inderfjord (inner inlet), has to be completely free of nets for 6½ months of the year: from 1st December to 15th May. For the rest of the time, fishing is only permissible using traps and special flounder nets designed primarily to catch flatfish. What anglers need to bear in mind is that fishing in the Inderfjord (inner inlet) is not permitted from 1st October up to and including the first Friday of March. In addition to the 5 months when fishing is not allowed, throughout Odense Fjord, the minimum size for sea trout is 45 centimetres.  That is 5 centimetres longer than the 40 centimetres otherwise applicable along the Danish coasts. Altogether, this means that more sea trout will survive and be able to grow bigger; this contributes to healthy sea­trout stocks as well as wonderful sea trout fishing in the inlet and elsewhere.