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Europe’s leading destination for coastal sea trout fishing

Europe’s leading destination for coastal sea trout fishing

More and more sea trout are making their way up Fyn’s waterways to spawn, and the waterways have larger stocks of trout than just 20 years ago. Last but not least, more and larger sea trout have been caught along the coasts in recent years.

The success of the sea trout did not just happen spontaneously. Since 1990, Fyn has worked hard to improve the island’s sea trout stocks by augmenting releases and enhancing their ascent options. The results show that these long-range efforts are paying off. More than 500 km of waterways have been opened up for the spawning migrations of sea trout since 1990, and 25 of Fyn’s waterways now boast a stock of sea trout. At the same time, we have developed opportunities for and knowledge of coastal fishing and have helped to attract yet more active sea trout anglers – all under the heading of “Sea trout Fyn”.

All of this provides the basis of the excellent sea trout fishing in evidence around the coast today. Much remains to be done, however. A number of waterways remain partially closed to the ascent of sea trout. Here, fish ladders will be built leading to the good spawning grounds at the highest points in the systems of watercourses.

In many places, gravel spawning beds have been removed as part of waterway maintenance, and new gravel spawning beds will now have to be laid. Also, many sections of waterway have been made dead straight, and need to be restored to a more natural course.

We will also continue working on this over the next few years. The goal is to make the chances of a catch dependent solely on your skill and luck as an angler! Our ambition is to make Fyn and the isles home to large stocks of sea trout, spawning and maturing in Fyn’s waterways and around the coastline. This will pave the way for Fyn to become Europe’s leading destination for coastal sea trout fishing.