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There is an old Danish saying, “There is no such thing as bad weather as long as you dress appropriately”. Most nature lovers would agree with this, but the fishermen on Fyn who fish all year round feel this more keenly on their own bodies. In late autumn, winter and early spring it is especially important to dress appropriately so you can withstand the changeable Danish weather.
You quickly forget the cold when landing a glittering 70 cm beauty. But getting there can be much more comfortable if you follow the advice in this section.

The Danish weather is very changeable and it can be difficult to dictate guidelines in advance for dressing appropriately in the four seasons. We therefore strongly recommend that you check the weather from home, either on www.dmi.dk or the telephone weather services.

Whether you choose neoprene or breathable waders is more than just a question of keeping warm. If you want to fish in spots that can only be reached after a long hike, we recommend breathable waders all year round. They are more comfortable than neoprene waders on hikes. In cold months, the principle is to wear layers upon layers underneath your waders as this provides good insulation and helps you stay warm longer.

It is better to wear too many layers and sweat a little than to be forced by the cold to go home early and empty-handed.