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Tips & tricks

If you want success you have got to show up with the right gear. Good and well functioning tackle and clothing is the first step towards fulfilling your sea trout dream. Mobility is one of the most important factors for a sea trout angler. It is, therefore, extremely important that you think “mobile” from the very beginning. How much tackle, food, drink and clothes you take in your car is of little consequence, but when you move away from the car and go sea trout fishing, you must think before you pack. Never carry more tackle than you can carry in your pockets and possibly in a small rucksack. Forget all about large tackle boxes and cooler boxes. You have to be able to move while fishing.

Things you should also take Thorough preparation is essential, and the more you reckon with, the better your chances for success. Some things are to take in your pockets and others can be left in the car.

Pocket Things

  • Measuring tape – remember that the minimum length is 40 cm.
  • Small torch – you will often be fishing until it gets dark
  • Extra line/tippet material. The line can tangle at any time.
  • A robust compact camera.
  • You take a lot of pictures of large fish
  • Mobile phone, so you can get the latest weather updates
  • Some extra energy in the shape of a piece of chocolate and possibly a soft drink

Things for the Car

  • Guide book – “117 Fine Fishing Spots on Fyn”
  • A large lunch pack
  • Extra clothes for changing – if you should accidentally get wet
  • Extra fishing gear
  • First Aid box
  • A TTL or video camera – both are too vulnerable and difficult to carry along the coast.