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A fitting assortment of sea trout bait is, of course, a must. These are packed in a pocket size bait box. The best sea trout baits weigh about 12 – 18 grams. You should also bring a couple of shore wobblers of that weight. The wobbler generally fishes higher in the water than a lure. A high flowing bait is good for morning and evening fishing.

And you shouldn’t be without a small spinner. The spinner doesn’t cast as well, but it is close to irresistible to a sea trout hunting close to the shore. A spinner for inshore use may weigh up to 12 grams. The heavier models go in too deep and are often lost in the sea weed. Last, but not least, always carry a couple of Bombarda floats and some flies in your pocket. A small shrimp fly, or a live shrimp used after a Bombarda float has saved many a fishing trip, especially in the summer period.

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