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Autumn: September – November

Autumn fishing

September, October and November are fantastic months for fishing along the coast of Fyn. At this time there are two types of sea trout to go after. One is the shiny fish, which are still hunting for food along the coast. Generally these are small fish, around minimum size, up to 50 cm. In most cases the larger sea trout have started migrating towards the winter spawning rivers. During the autumn they slowly lose their shimmer and take on the brown appearance typical of spawners.

Catching a coloured sea trout in sea water is quite normal during the autumn. Some anglers put the coloured fish back, others take them home as they make excellent eating. Until the 15th of November, this is an individual choice. After then, all coloured fish must be put back. In the autumn, there is a good chance for a catch throughout the day.

However, particularly in September when the water is still warm, fishing in the mornings or evenings are the best. The fish move around a lot in the autumn. This means that a coastal spot that seems devoid of fish one day can be teeming with sea trout the next. Points, reefs and tongues protruding from the coast are good places to find migrating fish. Deep basins right up against the coast are also especially rewarding.
At this time of year, the sea trout are not very sociable. They tend to go off individually or in pairs along the coast.

Spinning bait for the autumn

The autumn is the time for light spinning gear. Thin lines (nylon 0.20 – 0.25 mm, or braided line, 0.10 – 0.17 mm), light rods and short, accurate casts to where the trout are lying. Small bait is the thing, such as 8 – 12 gram spoons.

Wobblers of the same class and small spinners are very effective. A small suspended fly in front of the bait is always a good idea. Dark, subdued colours are good, but do not be afraid to experiment with fluorescent colours now and again. You can see some tried and tested autumn baits here.

Fly fishers- autumn favourites

Fly fishing really comes into its own in the autumn. The fish are very close to the coast and can normally be caught with fly tackle. For the most part, use smaller, discrete flies, but always take some big colourful flies to experiment with.

6 reliable tips for autumn

  1. Move the line around. Seatrout often migrate at night, and stay in a particular place or area during the day. It is a matter of finding these areas.
  2. Remember, or make a note of where you have seen or caught sea trout. After the nocturnal migration, there will be more fish in the same place the next day.
  3. Keep an eye on the surface. In the autumn, sea trout are very willing to show themselves, either by jumping or rolling on the surface.
  4. Use imagination and variation when fishing for fish spotted. Trout can be hard to tempt in the autumn. Often you have to cater for them by using different bait or methods of fishing.
  5. If a fish you have seen proves impossible, give it a long break and return to it later in the day.
  6. If the autumn is very sunny and windless, fishing in the day can be especially difficult. Instead, try fishing at night just as for summer.

Good autumn fishing spots

The numbers refer to the place numbering in the “Seatrout Guide”.

1 – Enebærodde
If the wind is from the west or south-west, then the north coast is a good bet. There are always fish here in the deep basins near the land. For preference use light tackle, as long casts are rarely necessary here.

11 – Gabet
The River Odense and other excellent sea trout streams which debouch into Odense Fjord bring in many trout. This means that the inlet to Odense Fjord is a dangerous place.

29 – 33 The southeast coust of Fyn
The numerous watercourses bring the fish into the coast. Along these stretches you often have to wade out across one or two sandbanks. Please take note of the protection zones in the area.

73, 79 – 81 The islets
Avernakø, Lyø and Bjørnø are small south of Fyn.
They are excellent places for fishing in the autumn. You can always find sea trout, and shelter from the wind here.

96 – Torø
A very reliable place in the autumn. There are lots of trout, although mainly smaller ones.

116 – Æbelø
Many people consider that the most beautiful coastal spots in the whole of the Fyn region are to be found on Æbelø. The fishing is superb all around the island in autumn, but note that the walking on Æbelø is hard going, so you need to be fit.