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Spring: March – May

Fishing in spring

March to May are fantastic months on the coasts of Fyn. The island is simply surrounded by trout, which, just like the anglers, wake up as the days get longer. Unfortunately, many anglers have a tendency to start slowly, and so they actually miss the best month, which is March.

Do not be afraid to book an early fishing holiday. March and the first half of April are much more rewarding than late April and May. Just as in winter, the fish shoal in the spring. Early in the period, they mainly stay close to their overwintering grounds in fjords and bays. A little later, they also spread out to the deep open coast.

The normal fishing method is to keep mobile, moving and trying several places looking for fish. “The burnt petrol tactic” is what experienced sea trout fishermen call it. It is quite normal to try four to six places in a day. There is a chance the whole day long, but once the water warms up properly at the end of April, then the best times are early morning and evening. In May there can be excellent night fishing.

A lot of the catch is still the small “Greenlander” fish, but the sizes will now increase and it is quite normal to land a fish between 45 and 55 cm long. Every year in the waters of Fyn, there is also a migration of larger trout, which come near the coast. These are the fish anglers dream of, between 65 and 80 cm long. You can also find big descending fish. At the start of the period they are still dull and thin, but later they become shiny and much healthier. Last, but not least important, every year rainbow trout visit the coast of Fyn. The number varies considerably, as does the size.

Most rainbow trout are between 40 and 50 cm, but every year bigger ones are also caught.

Spring bait for spinning

In the spring, sea trout are generally ready to bite. It is often a good idea to use large bait at the beginning of the season. Later on, do not fish so thoroughly, and a lively spoon or wobbler might be better. On a hot, calm day when the water is clear, the trout can be a bit more difficult. A small spinner is then a killer choice.

Fly fishers- spring favourites

It is a good idea to use larger flies in March and April, and smaller flies in May. However, there are some summery days in March and April when the fish can only be tempted with small flies. Pay attention to this. Bristle worms are a very important food source in the middle of the period. This means that bait which imitates them is also important.

6 reliable tips for spring:

  1. Be very mobile. If you have not seen or felt a fish after a maximum of two hours, then move on.
  2. Fish all day in March and April, and mainly in the mornings and evenings in May. In times of very warm weather, try night- fishing in April and May.
  3. Do not forget the winter spots at the start of the spring. The trout do not leave them so quickly as we sometimes think.
  4. Note the weather conditions. A change from cold to warm can be spectacular in terms of fishing.
    On the other hand, a cold snap at the start of spring can put the fishing on hold.
  5. Do not take more tackle than you can carry in a small rucksack. At each location you should also move around; fish wide stretches in a short time.
  6. Use spinners or flies as you wish. Both methods work in the spring.

Good spring fishing spots

The numbers refer to the place numbering in the “Seatrout Guide”.

1, 11 Enebærodde and Midskov:
When a large proportion of the sea trout leave Odense Fjord in the spring, then naturally enough, the areas around the mouth of the fjord afford good fishing.

22 – 25 Kerteminde to Nyborg:
This stretch has a lot of sandy bottom, with deep, seaweed-filled basins close to the land. Especially at high tide, they can give an abundant catch.

43 – 58 Langeland:
The spring is the high season for fishing on Langeland. There are great chances round the entire island. Choose the spot according to the wind conditions.

59 – 70 Ærø:
Just like Langeland, the best fishing on ærø is in March and April. Ærø is a great island to visit for a couple of days, and you can always find undisturbed spots.

90 – 96 Helnæs area incl. Torø:
A delightful area with lots of good chances. There is always a good fishing stretch, whichever way the wind is blowing.